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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Making your own almond milk is a bit of a wonderful thing: it's thick and delicious and crammed full of protein and vitamin E, which is great for maintaining healthy skin, both internally and externally. Along with protein for healthy cell repair and growth, almonds are a great source of fibre, so good for the digestion, and calcium for strong bones (especially if you are dairy-free). Good amounts of zinc will strengthen the immune system and magnesium aids muscle cramping and helps increase your energy naturally. Put 50-200g of whole almonds in a bowl and completely cover with water overnight. Drain them in the morning and then blitz with fresh water in a blender or bullet for 2-4 minutes. If you used 50g almonds, use 150ml water; for 200g almonds, use 600 ml water. Basically 3x water to almonds. Strain the milk through a sieve and then stir in a little Sweet Freedom or maple syrup to taste. You can use the pulp again for another round if you like, or just add it to your porridge or granola. It's flipping' delicious!

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