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Book your free discovery call and find out more about how you can improve health and wellbeing in your workplace

The Corporate Wellness landscape is changing. With so many now working remotely, bringing people together for the common cause of 'health' is more important than ever and fortunately, a lot of content can be delivered virtually.


Whilst some people enjoy working from home and find they are productive, others may not respond well to isolation and the lack of 'community' they were previously used to. I'm glad to say that some UK based companies have quickly understood how Corporate Wellness messaging could make a massive difference to employees working from home and on furlough and long may that continue. 

If you are looking for a place to start, why not try my signature Autumn Resilience one-hour  zoom workshop and get your employees really talking about and taking responsibility for they own personal health? In it we cover everything from the importance of sleep and how to go deeper, to how to manage the optimum mineral and anti-oxidant rich diet in a simple weekly shop. We also cover lifestyle, intermittent fasting and other aspects of self-care from exercise to meditation techniques.

Drop me a line to find out more here

NEW: Corporate Wellness Digital Bundles!

Have you considered delivering your employees a weekly health bulletin? Chose a live session or recorded video, add in delicious recipes, a free ebook and Q & A session.


I have 10 weeks of content ready for you to buy today.


Topics include:

Supercharge your Immune Health

Home Nutrition for Better Energy

The Sugar Solution

Nutrition for Better Mental Health

Nutrition for Digestive Health

Happy Hormones

10 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss

Tired of Being Tired - Stress, Fatigue & Nutrition 

Skin Health

Healthy Ageing


All the bundles include a 20 minute video presentation, relevant recipes & a free ebook.

Prices start at £250.

I've been working in this field for over 15 years and I love it! Years of office bound work myself gave me a deep understanding of what it means to feel under pressure and how stressful it is to manage personal lives, family lives and professional lives happily and healthily. 

My workshops are designed to tackle real issues and deliver useful, practical advice with a light hearted touch. Employees feel empowered create to healthy new habits and are invited to join my on going Nutrition programmes if they so wish. Get in touch to find out more. Perhaps you have a specific subject you would like me to tackle - or a particular group that needs some help? 

Prices start at 300GBP for a one hour talk for around 10-15 people. Larger groups usually require longer, so budget 90 minutes. I look forward to working with you!

Supercharge Your Health & Immunity 

Regain Your Energy with Optimum Nutrition 

The Gut Brain Connection

'Survive & Thrive - Nutrition for Winter Wellness

10 Nutrition Essentials for Busy People


    FROM £300

Corporate Wellbeing

"We found Antonia’s sessions incredibly helpful - she shared many insights and a lot of useful learning. She also kept everyone focused but comfortable enough to ask questions. We will be arranging another longer session with her in the future."

Sophie Kumar, Kambi Grp plc

"Antonia visits our office every week. She  sees individuals bespoke nutrition programmes, reflexology and seated massage treatments and also runs nutrition talks and workshops. She is very flexible, fits in well with the company and is always busy."

BL, Global Head of Human Resources, EndemolShineUK

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