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Nutrition Spring Clean
April 22nd - May 1st

Includes: 1:1 coaching, fab recipe pack, food & mood journal & group support!

Ahh.. Spring! and with it, all that sloughing off of the Winter months, Spring cleaning of the mind, body and spirit! Join me in this dedicated 10 Day Spring special and emerge, Goddess like, into the Sunshine!

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Antonia Maguire

Your Spring Cleanse starts here..

Spring is a brilliant time for embracing change, starting afresh and making the most of the warmer weather. But after the dark and damp Winter months, sometimes our bodies need a little help to feel their best and this is where Nutrition comes in brilliantly.


We are all creatures of habit, and the routines we develop over Winter do not necessarily serve us when the seasons changes. With so much fresh and delicious produce coming in at this time year, what better time to flood your body with all the amazing, cleansing & fortifying nutrients from nature’s own harvest? Think fresh salads, asparagus & wild garlic, Spring time soups and light suppers that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for Summer.


My 10 Day Nutrition Spring Clean runs from Monday April 22nd - Wednesday May 1st and costs just £49. This is a small group programme which includes a 30 min 1:1 goal setting session with me, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, a full recipe pack, self-care journal, food diary & most importantly, the support of a like-minded group.


At the end of the 10 days, during which you experiment with some wonderful healthy changes, you can expect to feel lighter, brighter, better rested and much more in control of your day-to-day diet. Your hormones will love you too!


As we get older, time just seems to pass quicker, so this another good reason to take stock & stack up some healthier new habits to outweigh and eventually surpass the ones we are less proud of. Many of us are trapped in habit-loops that don't serve us or that we haven't questioned in a long time. Happily, experience shows us that small changes, practiced daily can become good habits in a matter of weeks. And what a lovely time of the year to do it!

I am a big believer in embracing life and living it to the full, with self awareness and personal growth travelling hand in hand with laughter, joy, great food, family and friends.

So join me on this '10 Day Spring Clean' and get ready to feel amazing!


Choose 10 Day Cleanse from the drop down menu below and I'll be right back in touch with all your course materials (see below).

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Upon enrolling, you will receive the Step Into Spring recipes & a personal journal with food diary template. You will then be added to the Whats App Group for sharing. 

We will start gently, approaching the most obvious toxins such as caffeine and alcohol, gently weaning ourselves off them and replacing them with healthful alternatives. We will be focusing on hydration, blood sugar balancing, eating fresh fruit and veggies at every meal and getting plenty of deep restful sleep. You will learn some wonderful new recipes, support your nervous and endocrine systems, and properly nourish your bodies from the inside out.

I will be encouraging daily walks and yoga, breath work and journalling to help everyone fully embrace this ultimate self-care fortnight.

There will be bumps in the road! Coming off alcohol and caffeine, not to mention sugar, can be tricky and leaving one feeling a little at sea or uncomfortable. But we are all in this together! And I can promise you that that the end of the 3 weeks you will feel stronger, lighter and more energetic than you did before. You will also feel more in control of yourself and understand your default habits better. Hopefully you will have had a chance to hardwire in some new ones too.

If you have questions or would just like to find out if this is right for you, please 

Email me 

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