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Simple Cassoulet

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I’m the same as anyone when it comes to feeding the family in the evening – what protein goes with what carb goes with what veg? In the Low GL world (that’s low carb not no carb FYI), we are always looking for a way to fill our bellies without loading up on starchy carbs, especially later in the evening. This simple Cassoulet obviously incorporates beans as a the (good) cares is also a good if you have teenagers wandering in at odd times as they can simply warm it back up and eat it with their hands (sic). #doubleentendre

Serves 2

4 large sausages – veggie or otherwise

1 large onion - chopped

1 fat garlic clove – chopped

2 tblsps of oil

a handful of chopped fresh herbs – parsley/chives/sage or a generous sprinkle of dried

1 tblsp tomato paste

1 can or carton chopped tomatos

1 can or carton beans – cannellini, kidney or mixed pulses

½ litre stick (from cube or bone broth etc)

freshly ground pepper and salt


Gather all your ingredients together, then warm up some oil in a nice wide pan.

Add the sausages and let them brown, turning often.

Chuck in the onions and garlic and allow to colour, but not burn.

Make up the stock in a jug and add the tomato paste to it, giving it a good stir.

Open the can or carton of beans and rinse in a sieve under the tap.

Open the tomatoes and add to the pan when the sausages are browned and the onions are starting to caramelise.

Then add the drained beans and finally the stock and the fresh herbs.

Season generously, then turn down the heat and wait for everything to come together. Eat on a bed of greens and a small helping of brown rice . Enjoi!

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