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Crunchy Mackerel with Chilli & Lime

Oily fish usually needs something to soak it up and something to cut through it. Fortunately, these additional components can make a super healthy and sustainable fish like mackerel even better for you: both chillies and citrus such as lime are rich in vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant and an immune system essential. Oats give this dish a delicious crunch and some other interesting nutrients such as B vitamins and beta-glucans that benefit your immune system from its origin in your gut.

Serves 4

2 large mackerel, cleaned and filleted

2 handfuls of porridge oats

1 dessert spoon of flour; gram or buckwheat are fine too

1 small red and 1 small green chilli, hot or not so hot as you prefer

2 -3 limes.

Finely slice the chilies and set aside. Wear rubber gloves if you can! Finely grate the zest of 1 ½ of the limes and then squeeze the juice into a cup. Finely slice the other 1 ½ - you should have about 12 slices. Add the chilies and lime zest to the lime juice.

Pick over the fish fillets and pin bone them if needs be. Place them in a low dish and pour over the lime and chili mixture. Leave to marinate for around 20 minutes. Any longer and you’ll have cerviche.

On a large flat plate, mix the flour with the oats and season with black pepper. If you're a child greek, feel free to add a pinch of Cayenne. Spread the mixture out evenly. Heat your largest frying pan and add a little oil. Make sure you don’t burn the oil, so keep the heat on low to medium whilst you prep the fish. Take each fish fillet in turn, roll it in the oats and flour and then place it skin side down in the pan. Cook each fillet for a few minutes on each side and when you’re done, dous the fish in the remaining lime and chili juice from the marinade, leaving the chili slices on top for show.

Scatter the remaining lime slices on top (3 each) and serve with salad, rice, quinoa, crushed potatoes or noodles.

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