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Super Quick Friday Veggie Brekkie

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

This breakfast is so quick I had made it and eaten it before I had time to snap it. So sorry no picture! to be honest, it's not a pretty dish, but they don't all have to be..

The is the post-school run, working from home, but tons to do breakfast of Queens that means you probably won’t need to break much for lunch. Adapt to suit what’s lurking in your fridge and top with a squirt of siracha or chili sauce to spice up your day.

In one swift move you have fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, chromium and protein. And more space in your fridge.

For one, you will need:

3 chestnut mushrooms, roughly chopped

2 tablespoons of black beans (or chickpeas, kidney beans)

a handful of cherry tomatoes

a handful of spinach, kale or chard, shredded

½ red or green pepper, roughly chopped

1-2 Organic eggs

chili sauce to taste

Heat a large frying pan or skillet and add a large splash of olive oil, or garlic oil if you have it. Don’t over heat the oil. Add the pepper pieces, then mushrooms, then the black beans and bring the skillet back up to a gentle heat. Throw in the tomatoes and let them burst a little. Season with salt and pepper. Add the shredded greens and allow to wilt. When you’re happy with the mix, push the mixture to one side and add another splash of olive oil. Again, don’t over heat the oil and then crack your egg(s) into the space. If you cook the eggs really gently, you wont need to flip them, but when you’re ready, spoon the veggie mixture onto a plate and place the eggs on top. Season with Siracha or Tabasco and then get to work!

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