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Sweet Potato Felafel

A really simple idea and perfect if you get sweet potatoes in your veg box, or you buy too many thinking you ‘ll use them. Of course, you could just buy them to make this dish, but that would be just too simple wouldn’t it!?

Many recipes for sweet potato felafel omit chickpeas, but I really like the texture of chickpeas, just find regular falafel too dry. This combines both in a much smoother way, with an egg for an extra protein boost, as well as some delicious warming spices. Bread crumbs come from a box in my freezer that I keep replenished with stale crusts shoved through the Vitamix, but you could use any – fresh, from a pack, Panko, go mental. Serve with a vibrant, fresh crunchy coleslaw, some nice warm flatbreads and in our case, a hot peppered steak ;-) You will need: - 2-3 sweet potatoes, boiled and cooled 3-4 tablespoons of cooked chickpeas, (can, TetraPak or freshly boiled) 1.5 tsps ground cumin 1.5 tsps ground coriander 1 tsp garam masala 1 crushed garlic clove – but add as many as you like pinch of salt 1 beaten egg a bowl of fresh or frozen bread crumbs Combine all the ingredients in a blender, or mash them in a bowl by hand. Then shape the mixture into balls with a tablespoon. Roll them in the bread crumbs and then place on an oiled sheet. Bake at 180 degrees for around 25 minutes, but keep them warm in the oven until you need them. For that read, feed your kids first and keep the rest of them warm for yourselves later. Any leftovers are great in a lunch box.

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