I am a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and I'm on a mission to help women in their 40’s & 50’s say a resounding NO! to the unwelcome signs of ageing!

Work with me to: 

- reclaim your energy

- supercharge your health

- shift some excess weight

- balance your hormones in a natural, stress-free way

- and feel at home in your body again


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Perhaps my unique combination of health coaching and sound nutritional know-how can help you on your journey towards increased health and vitality too?

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"What can I say about this wonderful woman, she not only helped me lose weight and provide me adequate information on a diet, but she also was a mentor and a helping hand. Just so people know dieting isnt' as hard as it sounds once you’re in her company!"

PB, London

Antonia Maguire


Antonia Maguire, Nutritional Therapist
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No more unsustainable diets and punishing de-toxes, it’s time to re-learn nature’s secrets, nourish yourself and those you love, and sail through to the next stages of life with health and happiness! 

If you've been experiencing poor energy levels, are experiencing a less than optimum digestion, are gaining weight you just can't shift and feel at the mercy of wayward hormones, it's time to make some changes that have the potential to really help you feel great long term.


I have helped many people return to a strong sense of self, purpose, health and vitality, with a strengthened immune system and a plan for the future simply by helping them understand their own unique bodies how best to nourish them. With this bespoke and holistic approach, you can also expect to combat inflammation, strengthen your digestive fire and learn the secrets to ageing gracefully!


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There has never been a better time to prioritise your health than NOW!

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" Antonia helped me after a diagnosis of diverticulitis & a recommendation from a friend. How fortunate I was to have become her client. From the outset I knew I was in good hands. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I started out as a classic overweight male pressing 109kg on the scales. As an owner of high end restaurants my diet was very rich and simply far too big, coupled with the inevitable stress of the industry I could easily be six foot under right now.


Under careful guidance from Antonia for 8 weeks at the start & a couple of friendly catch up calls over the 18 months since, I am now a happy healthy 92kg with a much more enjoyable diet. It is the last point which means so much to me as I really feel I have gained appreciation for all sorts of foods rather than feeling I have given up anything. And being a bag of cement lighter is a bonus - not least for my joints! I cannot recommend Antonia's services highly enough. Good luck and Bon Appetit! "

TS, Restauranteur, 

JJ, TV Producer

I enjoyed every single session with Antonia. She is very knowledgeable and creates a great atmosphere. Learning to recognise and stave off cravings by understanding blood sugar is a real help in eating more healthily. I thoroughly recommend her.


The effects of stress can be overpowering and sometimes help is needed. My natural approach combines sound nutritional advice and coaching with straightforward recipes and food plans and a tailored approach to herbs and supplementation. 

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The Low GL way doesn’t feel like a drastic measure. Within one week I could see that it’s simple, healthy eating and someone thing I can make part of my life. Long term. My sweet cravings and binges have gone, my skin is healthy, I don’t feel tired in the afternoons and I’ve lost 18lbs in 2 months…I feel confident about exercising more and don’t feel like I deprive myself of the things I enjoy. It’s changed my relationship with food for the better.

JS, Teacher, Kensal Rise

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