Healthy Habits Challenge

Starts Jan 25th - for one week only!

Happy Healthy Ageing!

Feb 1st for 4 weeks

I have 2 seasonal offers for you at the moment - one short, sharp and FREE! The other if you want to spend February really hard wiring those habits!

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October and November - choose your perfect time

Starts Jan 25th for 1 weekly!.png

At this time of year, when resolutions seem to drifting away from us, I thought I would offer a light hearted place for some of us to share our thoughts on Healthy Habit  forming and just why some are harder than others to hard-wire in. My aim is to help you choose habits that suit you and your lifestyle, that serve you and make you happy. Healthy Habits you can keep for life! How about that! Just click here to sign up.

"What can I say about this wonderful woman, she not only helped me lose weight and provide me adequate information on a diet, but she also was a mentor and a helping hand. Just so people know dieting isnt' as hard as it sounds once you’re in her company!"

PB, August 2020

 " I had been feeling tired and unwell for a while. After seeing doctors who told me I was fine, a friend suggested I see Antonia. She has not only helped me to regain my energy and feel myself again, but has taught me a lot about nutrition and what a great impact it has on your daily life. Her friendly and reassuring manner along with her knowledge and professionalism helped and inspired me to continue my journey to nutritional health. I have never felt better and couldn’t recommend her more. " 


Happy Healthy Ageing!

Starts Feb 1 st for 4 weeks

It's February and it may still be cold and wet outside, but the days are lengthening and soon the group will be coverd in new shoots and little green buds (cue tweeting birds and warmer days!)


I'm a big fan of embracing the seasons and making them work for you. February is nice and short and so in my mind a great time to practice a new improved diet, exercise and lifestyle routine.

This is new programme for me and one I've been working on for a while. As a 52 year old, I'm aware of the ageing process like never before. I can feel aching and creaking in may joints - and I don't like it one bit!! I'm in control of my hormones - but for how long? I'm all about preventative health - I don't want to wake up one day and find it's too late to reverse the clock. Either that or it's just too hard!

On this mini programme you can expect to Regain some energy by:

  • Balancing your blood sugar

  • Getting a better night's sleep

  • Sorting  out your hormones

  • Shifting a little unwanted weight

  • Solving nagging digestive issues

  • Experimenting with basic fasting principles

  • Learning some fantastic new recipes and 

  • Nourishing yourself and your family every day of the week


Includes: 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions, full food plan and recipes, weekly food diary analysis, life coaching tools and private What's App group for daily support.

Choose the Seasonal Challenge from the drop down menu below, or email me for a free 30 minute call to discuss your own specific needs 

"I started working with Antonia when I figured out I had some issues with my diet and it was affecting my mood and the quality of life. I couldn't sleep well, had depression and gained 15 kgs in 6 months. Since we started working together just in 4 weeks my life changed for the best: I started having longer and better sleep, my stomach became less sensitive and bloated, my mood improved and I was full of energy. Antonia did a wonderful job: her recipes are easy to prep and are delicious, I became a pro chef :) Not mentioning a weekly and sometimes daily support, great conversations and full of positive vibes experience. I cannot recommend her enough for those who want to make a big step forward in their day to day life and actually see how complete and balanced diet affect us and support us. Thank you so so much Antonia, you are my angel!"

MG, May 2020




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Zest4Life doesn’t feel like a drastic measure. Within one week I could see that it’s simple, healthy eating and someone thing I can make part of my life. Long term. My sweet cravings and binges have gone, my skin is healthy, I don’t feel tired in the afternoons and I’ve lost 18lbs in 2 months…I feel confident about exercising more and don’t feel like I deprive myself of the things I enjoy. It’s changed my relationship with food for the better.

Julie, Teacher, QP

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