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Most days have a simple fruit or porridge start, but by mid-morning I’m in need of something bit more rambunctious. Eggs are usually the answer, but I’m kicking a flu bug and need something a bit more anti-viral. Onions, garlic, chili, lime juice, tomatoes, spinach and an excellent protein source or 3. FOR EACH PERSON EATING YOU WILL NEED: 1 egg 1 flatbread 2-3 cherry tomatoes, chopped 1 heaped tablespoon of black beans (or kidney will do) drained 1 handful of shredded spinach 1 dessert spoon of feta cheese, crumbled ¼ of a onion, or one spring onion, chopped a slice or two off a garlic clove 1 large squeeze of lime juice to finish METHOD: Gently warm a cooking oil of your choice in a wide frying pan and add the onion and garlic. Cook very gently for 2 minutes, then add the tomatoes. When they have started to break down, add the beans. Meanwhile, warm your flatbread (s) under the grill, remembering to turnover before the get too crispy. In a separate pan, warm another teaspoonful of oil and add an egg. Let the heat come up and then turn it right down, drizzling a little oil on the egg to let it cook slowly without charring. When you’re ready to eat, spread the bean filling onto the warmed flatbread and sprinkle over first the spinach, then the feta cheese. Lastly place the now nicely cooked egg on the top and season. Eating with a splash of chili sauce for a Mexican kick. Enjoy amigos. I'm going back to bed. xx

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