Gentle Cleanse
starts January 10th 


After the excesses of Christmas, thoughts often turn to 'de-toxing' - New Year's resolutions - and ways in which we might like to improve the quality of lives and our health for the year ahead. But as with all good intentions,  it's sometimes hard to go it alone. A little support is needed and this short 7 Day Gentle Cleanse is the perfect way to start. January is traditionally a quiet time, so the perfect opportunity to turn inwards and reset mind, body and spirit.

Everything is provided for you - A Food Plan, shopping list, Success Manual and even a personal journal. Scroll down to sign up!

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Antonia Maguire

7 Day Gentle Cleanse - starts Monday January 10th

Our bodies are brilliant at de-toxifying naturally. We eliminate toxins via our lungs, our bowels, our bladder and our skin every single day. Our lymphatic system never stops slowly removing the waste build up from the daily work of our immune system and our livers are over worked from detoxifying everything from alcohol, to used up hormones, bile, cholesterol and much more.

Whether or not your body has reached it's capacity for de-toxification (which you would know through experiencing symptoms such as poor skin, sluggish bowels, low energy and mood) I think we can all agree that sometimes our body systems need a break! During this 7 Day 'break' you will be consuming only foods and drinks that contribute in a positive way to your over all health - and at the same time giving yourself an opportunity to reassess your physical, mental and spiritual health generally. Every day is guided with recipes, tips, support and motivation to continue. And at the end of it you will emerge, butterfly like, into the fresh January air, ready for anything!


Upon enrolling, you will receive the Cleanse recipe book, a Success Manual, Progress Tracker, a shopping list, food diary template and  an ebook with some clever ways to help de-toxify your home. You will also be invited to join the private Facebook and What's App groups  that we will be using for information and support throughout the 2 weeks.

We will start gently, approaching the most obvious toxins such as caffeine and alcohol, gently weaning ourselves off them and replacing them with healthful alternatives. We will be focusing on hydration, blood sugar balancing, eating fresh fruit and veggies at every meal and getting plenty of deep restful sleep. You will learn some wonderful new recipes, support your nervous and endocrine systems, and properly nourish your bodies from the inside out.

I will be encouraging daily walks and yoga, breath work and journalling to help everyone fully embrace this ultimate self-care fortnight.

There will be bumps in the road! Coming off alcohol and caffeine, not to mention sugar, can be tricky and leaving one feeling a little at sea or uncomfortable. But we are all in this together! And I can promise you that that the end of the 2 weeks you will feel stronger, more in control, lighter and more energetic than you did before. You will also feel more in control of yourself and understand your default habits better. Hopefully you will have had a chance to hardwire in some new ones too.

If you have questions or wold just like to find out if this is right for you, please 

Email me 




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Happy Hormones group intensive

I enjoyed every single session of Antonia's Zest4Life group… She is very knowledgeable and creates a great atmosphere which kept us all on track. Learning to recognize and stave off cravings by understanding blood sugar is a real help in eating more healthily. I thoroughly recommend it.’

Anna, Lawyer, Queens Park

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